digitalseas is under construction.

here are some things to explore in the meantime.

⦅ cierra | 21 | virgo rising, 8h stellium ⦆

digitalseas is a side project started in early 2020, convinentely around the time the lockdowns started in the states.
being locked up at home and stuggling to keep up with my accelarated college courses due to the pandemic, digitalseas was born to help me cope with bordeom and loneliness in a new creative avenue, as well as feeling extremely fatigued from the pressure and blandness of modern social media.

it rekindled an interest in web development i had lost at 14, and as of 2022 i have successfully completed a web development bootcamp from which i received a certificate. i'm currently pursuing more courses and independatnly studying while also trying to squeeze my way into the tech industy to make my parents less disappointed in me for dropping out of college after multiple mental breakdowns.
i do not expect anyone to care about me or my site. this is simply me yelling into the void, hosted on some niche part of the internet.

⊶ warning ⊷

i do not have any social media. i have deleted all of my social media under the cierradecay or digitalseas handle and do not plan on returning under said names.
i suffer from extreme paranoia due to stalking online, a fear that has been ingrained in me from a young age due to extended family members repeadidly overstepping their boundaries.
consequently, i do not enjoy being reached out to by strangers on the internet unless given permission, such as if i publicly share my email or a guestbook.
my paranoia has gotten better, but healing is never linear and i would appreciate at this time to quitely exist online, as i've always been a person who is always observing but never interacting anyway.
thank you. ♥

struggling to learn how to code?

i got u.

here are the basics.

MDN Web Docs
free documentations for everything html, css, and javascript.

another great website for documentation about html, css, and javascript
this site has more languages to study, such as python, php, c++, and more.
heard w3 was controversial but too lazy to really care as to why.

character entity
list of special characters you can display in html that you otherwise couldn't due to your keyboard not having said character.
this is important because some characters are reserved for only html, such as the less than or greater than signs.

an advanced css framework to help you build your site. it also utilizes javascript to help make your site more responsive, so instead of spending an hour trying to learn how to make a dropdown menu with JS, bootstrap has your back.

here are some fun stuff.

google fonts
overall browser friendly fonts to use.

an archive of old web gifs.

88x31 gifs
massive archive of buttons and gifs all the same dimentions.

scenecore stampz!
collection of scenecore stamps, icons, gifs, etc. [flash warning!]

for the badge

pixel-soup's cute pixels
tumblr page decicated to sharing cute pixels!

a community of glitter texts and animations, amongst many other glittery things.

update your mood status.

pollcode - create a poll!
ever wanted to create a poll for your site? we got you covered.

cbox live chat
a live chatroom!